How to earn $100,000 a year as an illustrator in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is relatively high.The median household income in Australia in 2018 was $86,400, while the median income of a worker earning minimum wage is $22,700.The minimum wage in Australia currently stands at $18.55 per hour, which equates to $17.40 an hour for a full-time worker.If you want to earn more […]

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Why you need Adobe Illustrator CC for Adobe Illustration to help you blend your drawings

Illustrator has come under fire for not being a suitable tool for blending images.Many users have been concerned that blending is difficult to do using Photoshop.That’s why we’re introducing a new Adobe Illustrators Blend mode that you can use to blend images.The Blend mode has been redesigned so that it will now let you combine […]

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The best images from the new ‘Illustrator’ wallpaper

The best new images from Adobe’s new wallpaper app have arrived in the Apple App Store, and they’re all gorgeous.Illustrators, illustrators, have been given an epic, wall-to-wall update with a new wallpaper called ‘Illustration’.It includes over 2,500 illustrations, which are created by some of the most talented photographers and illustrators in the world.This is […]

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How to draw a cartoon in a digital format

In a recent post, I wrote that if you are a cartoonist, you need to have a pencil and paper.That’s true, but I also think you need a smartphone.There’s no need to be limited to one or two.In fact, you could have as many as three or four devices, each of which would allow you […]

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