‘A lot of people’ want to see the ‘Dhaka Model’

By Sreenivasan Kumar (Times of India)The Delhi government is looking to create a “model city” to showcase its plans to transform its downtown, with officials saying they will start with a series of informal gatherings.The Delhi Development Authority is planning to gather around 1,000 people on Monday, to get their ideas on how to turn […]

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How to Paint Your Own Pumpkin Illustration Styles

A new series on MTV News is a chance to learn how to paint your own pumpkin illustrations, the way you do when you’re trying to create a splash of color and excitement.We caught up with Tara Lopes to learn the basics of pumpkin painting.“What you need to know is that there are several different […]

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How to Draw the Best Octopus Illustrations

It’s no secret that octopus illustrations are pretty fun to look at.They’re colorful and colorful are a good thing.But sometimes you might want to take it one step further, and draw the most realistic looking octopus you can find.There are a lot of ways to do this.The most popular are drawing on paper or a […]

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Why a cat cartoon is a great illustration style

A cat cartoon may be the quintessential illustration style for today, but it is not always as popular.Some cartoons may be more suited for kids and adults.Here’s how to choose the best cat cartoons for illustration.cat cartoon article A cats cartoon is an illustration style that shows the animal as if it is a cartoon […]

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