How to draw a cartoon in a digital format

In a recent post, I wrote that if you are a cartoonist, you need to have a pencil and paper.

That’s true, but I also think you need a smartphone.

There’s no need to be limited to one or two.

In fact, you could have as many as three or four devices, each of which would allow you to draw better.

There are some things that come with a smartphone, like having a quick turn-by-turn navigation, but these don’t always need to come at the expense of drawing.

The iPhone or Android tablet are good for drawing on-the-go.

I prefer a pen and paper, as I’m used to having one to keep me on track.

If you have a tablet, or if you have access to a smartphone with a large number of different colors and different shapes, you can take a more traditional route.

I like to draw on my phone, using only the colors available, as opposed to a digital pencil.

But there are times when you want to draw something on a computer.

And if you want a computer-generated cartoon on your tablet, you might as well go with the iPhone.

The iPad and the iPhone have some of the most impressive drawing capabilities on the market, but they have the same problems.

They’re not really portable.

And while they have some good drawing features, they’re also not really mobile.

Here’s how I like my drawing on my iPad: 1.

Create a large-scale drawing project.

I draw my drawings in the app I’m using.

It’s called Inkoom and it comes with some really powerful drawing tools.

It also has a digital version that you can use to create the same drawings.

Inkoom is designed for drawing and sketching.

When you tap the pencil icon, you’ll be presented with a new tool: a drawing panel.

It shows you the size of the drawing, as well as the drawing’s width and height.

Tap on the drawing panel to move it around.

If it’s a large drawing, you want it to be at least a foot wide.

This is the size I usually work with, and I can move the pencil around and create a large, thick drawing.

Tap the pencil again to return to the drawing grid.

If I want to create a sketch, I tap the drawing tool again to open the sketch panel.

Tap anywhere on the sketch to move the sketch around.

And of course, there’s the pencil tool, which lets you draw with it.

You can also use the drawing tools to draw outlines, to create more realistic shapes, or to fill in missing details with black or white.

But the biggest draw of all is the drawing canvas.

You’ll find the drawing view of Inkoom on the home screen of your iPad.

I always draw on a sheet of paper, but Inkoom has an expanded canvas that lets me use the pencil and paint on my paper.

The canvas is large enough that you could easily have a whole drawing, even if you don’t have a lot of paper.

In Inkoom, you use a drawing mode called “draw” to draw with.

This lets you move your drawing around the canvas.

It lets you adjust the size, color, and transparency of the paper you’re drawing on.

Tap “draw again” to see the canvas again.

When I draw on the canvas, I make a selection, and then I click on the pencil.

This selects the drawing in the canvas from which I’m drawing, and lets me move the drawing around it.

Tap any of the edges of the canvas to paint over them.

Tap again to see what the canvas looks like.

When done, you just tap the ellipsis icon, which will open up the drawing mode that you just used.

This allows you to move around the drawing on the paper.

It works in the same way as drawing on a paper-and-pencil drawing pad.


Use the drawing brush to create detailed outlines.

I use the sketch brush to draw out my outlines.

There is no reason why you should have to draw over a lot.

I can just draw what I want, but then I have to sketch it in Sketch.

The sketch brush lets me draw out lines, circles, shapes, and curves, just as I do in Illustrator.

But Sketch lets you create outlines, which is great.

And I can also draw outlines that have more detail.

I usually do a sketch on a white piece of paper and then add the details to the outline.

You tap the outline with your pen and the outline will appear on the screen, giving you a very detailed representation of your drawing.


Draw on paper with the pen.

I often use the Sketch canvas to draw.

But sometimes I also draw using the pencil, or drawing with the drawing pen.

This technique is useful when I want a large sketch that has a lot going on,