‘Pokémon Go’ to be ‘weird’ and ‘weighing in on politics’

Pokemon Go, a virtual augmented reality game, is coming to the UK in a few weeks, it was announced on Thursday.

The game, which aims to create a more immersive experience in which users are able to capture, breed and use Pokemon, is set to launch in March. 

It follows on from last year’s launch of the wildly popular game, called Pokémon Go, which saw millions of people around the world take part in virtual hunts to catch their favourite cartoon characters and then trade them in for real money.

But it has sparked a backlash in the US, with Republican politicians arguing the game can be divisive. 

The game is being criticised by some in the Republican Party, which says it is a way for the “establishment” to bully the public. 

Some have called it an extension of President Donald Trump’s presidency, and others have said it promotes a “birther” conspiracy theory that suggests former President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

The US president has denied the allegations, and has repeatedly defended his campaign against those who say the game is a form of propaganda.

Pokemon Go has been criticised for encouraging players to collect virtual monsters and capture them for their own personal gain.

The developer has previously acknowledged the game has “an ethical problem”, saying: “We do not want players to go to any locations where they will be bullied, attacked or harassed by others.”

However, Pokemon Go has faced criticism from many politicians in the UK and beyond, including Conservative MP David Davis, who said the game was “playing with our children’s futures” and “promoting bullying”.

“The app is making it possible for those who would bully us to bully our children,” Mr Davis said.

“I’m sure many parents will have their children playing Pokemon Go for fun, and the children will have no idea what it is doing.”

The real problem with Pokemon Go is the fact that it is actively encouraging bullying and harassment.

“He added: “Parents should be free to decide if they want their children to play this game, and it is up to them to decide what they want to do with their children’s bodies.

“A number of Conservative MPs have called for Pokemon Go to be banned, and said the games “should not be used as an excuse for bullying and hate speech”.

However, the UK government has said Pokemon Go should remain a free app in the country.