How to turn a crappy old drawing into a fantastic drawing?

We are all used to our favorite artists, but we can’t help but wonder how many others would like to draw with us?

That’s where the free illustrators alternative comes in.

“We’ve always been interested in artists using the same technology, but never the same kind of experience,” says artist/director Paul Hagen.

As a result, his new project, The Artist, is a new way to bring the world of the digital artist to life.

The idea is that you’re not just a drawing program, but a computer that’s also your own, creating artwork for yourself.

Hagen explains, “This is a way to connect to people.

I don’t know if you’ve ever wanted to draw something with your own hands, but with a computer it’s easier and faster.

And the process is also fun, because you get to see what it’s like to create something on your own.”

The program allows you to download and create up to five of your own designs and then upload them to the artist’s own website, where you can then print them out and use them to draw.

Each design has its own drawing style and can be printed on your computer or smartphone.

The artist/directors goal is to provide a more intimate relationship with his art, allowing you to see and feel what it feels like to work with him.

The project has already attracted a few people to the hobby, with a recent campaign raising more than $10,000 for the artists art supplies.

There’s a bit of a waitlist on the website to be eligible to download designs, but Hagen is hoping to be able to work on the project in the next few weeks.

If you want to learn more about Hagen’s project, you can check out the short video above, which was filmed in his studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.