Botanical illustration class to offer a hands-on course for medical illustrators

Adobe Illustrator is offering a hands on course for illustrators and medical illustrator students in order to prepare them for careers in graphic design.

The course will focus on creating art for health and medical uses, as well as the fundamentals of how to create compelling illustrations, as part of a three-day course in June at the Adobe Digital Studios headquarters in San Francisco.

In addition to the course, Adobe Creative Suite 4, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CC are supported.

Adobe Creative Director of Illustration Dan Miller said in a blog post that the course will also include an introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator’s powerful tools.

Adobe said in its blog post this week that it will offer a three day course in April and a four day course next month.

It’s part of Adobe’s ongoing “Designing for Health” program, which offers a free, four-day workshop to health care professionals who want to better understand the challenges and opportunities of designing for health.

The program is part of the company’s effort to develop a more effective workforce for its Creative Suite customers.

Adobe is also offering an online course for the Health Designers Academy, a professional training and certification program.

The Health Designer Academy, which runs through June 15, will give students a hands‑on opportunity to work with designers on topics such as user interfaces, design and layout, typography, color theory, and digital storytelling.

Adobe has a growing portfolio of creative design training programs for health care and healthcare professionals, including the Adobe Creative Design Academy and the Adobe Illustration Academy, as is reflected in the Adobe Design Center and the Health Visual Studio Training Library.

Adobe also launched an online, hands-On Studio for Health Training in June.

The Adobe Creative Studio Training Series is a two-week program that offers hands-off studio training with Adobe designers.

For more information about Adobe Creative, visit its official website.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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