A post-holiday lull to the summer season: A pumpkin illustration from Adobe Illustrator font family

A post holiday lull to a summer season that is expected to continue with a new crop of pumpkin illustrations from Adobe illustrator font families, according to the company’s senior vice president for marketing, David O’Reilly.

In a blog post yesterday, O’Keefe said that the new crop will include more traditional pumpkin designs, along with a few more quirky, imaginative designs.

“It’s great to see Adobe Illustration offering more traditional and playful pumpkin illustrations in the fall, with an emphasis on seasonal decorating,” he said.

“We’re excited to offer the latest pumpkin designs to the public in the coming weeks, which includes new designs for autumn and winter.”

The company also revealed new pumpkin illustrations for the spring, summer and fall, including a few with traditional design elements and an all-new, fun design that mimics a pumpkin’s appearance in a variety of natural and manmade landscapes.

O’Reilly said the new design is a combination of traditional and new pumpkin designs from the Adobe Illustrators font family.

“Pumpkins are a wonderful symbol of fall and spring, and the new designs will be inspired by a variety in the world around us,” he wrote.

“This year, we’ve created a pumpkin inspired landscape with trees, trees and more trees and the leaves and branches, as well as a variety pumpkin shaped flowers and fruit.”

There’s also a fun pumpkin shaped design for the pumpkin that you can get in the Autumn calendar.

“The new designs are available for download from the web store and on Adobe.com for a limited time.”

O’Keefe has a reputation for his ability to take a variety from one set of fonts, which is the case with the latest crop of designs, to create a whole new look for a variety or even a whole collection of fonts.

“A new font will come in and we’ll see how it fits with the other designs we’re releasing in the future,” he explained.

“But for now, we’re really excited to see how these designs and fonts fit together and how they will help us create fun and memorable Halloween or Spring themed collections.”