A ‘gender neutral’ swimsuit for transgender women

A transgender swimsuit is here to stay.

The brand behind the swimwear collection, L’Oreal, announced a new collection on Tuesday that includes an all-transgender collection.

“We wanted to bring more to the conversation around gender,” says L’Oréal spokesperson Emma Rea.

“This collection is inclusive, and we want to continue to make it even more inclusive.”

The collection will be available in two styles: a “gendered” swimsuit that will include a skirt, pant, and shorts, and a “gender neutral” swimwear that will have a skirt and no shorts.

Both styles will retail for $65, and they will also be available on the company’s website.

L’Ocean also announced that the collection will feature “gender-neutral” materials, including a “seamless” version of the “genderneutral” collection’s shorts and a stretchy version of its swimwear.

The company said the new collection will also include “less-stretchy” shorts and “no-stretching” swimsuits.

The new collection marks the latest in a string of major brands taking a stand against transphobia, including Macy’s and H&M, which have announced that they will no longer sell women’s underwear.

Earlier this month, Adidas pulled a line of swimwear from its online store, following backlash from some users who claimed the line was “too sensitive.”

In January, Target announced it would stop selling swimwear with “inappropriate and/or inappropriate” names.