When You’re a Star: Why the First Astronaut Made the Best Sketchbook of All Time

By the time the world’s first spaceflights took off in 1961, there was little doubt about what the future of science would look like.

At that time, scientists were busy inventing new technologies and looking for ways to use them for good.

“In the space age, there is nothing that will ever be able to match the power and the creativity of the astronauts and their inventors,” NASA scientist Robert Zubrin told Smithsonian magazine in 2012.

But if you think of what astronauts had to endure in space, you can see that there was nothing that could compare with the quality of their artwork.

As they worked on the first spaceflight, they had to work with a lot of space debris, which kept them from flying on their own for long periods.

They had to stay in the cramped spaces of a space station.

They were constantly surrounded by space dust, which they had no idea how to control.

There were no printers, no computers, no smartphones.

There was no way to have an online journal that could keep track of their work.

And even though the astronauts had everything they needed, they didn’t have the time or the means to create their own space art.

They could, however, turn to other artists, artists like Mark Twain, who created a book called The Adventures of Mark Twain in Space, which is now on display in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Twain is best known for his fictional account of the time Twain was in space.

The Adventures was a bestseller and the story of the adventures that took Twain from his humble beginnings as a farmer to his successful career in the United States.

His first book, The Adventures on the Pacific, was published in 1875.

Twain wrote the story with his wife, Susan, who had just completed her doctorate at Columbia University.

He said he had a feeling he was going to write an amazing story and that it would be a masterpiece.

He didn’t know that his book would eventually become the best-selling book in history.

It sold more than a million copies.

When Twain returned home, he started a publishing company in San Francisco and was given a lot more time and money than he had expected.

But the success of The Adventures wasn’t what Twain expected.

He was disappointed that his publisher, William Randolph Hearst, didn’t want to make a sequel.

So Twain decided to do a book full of his adventures.

He spent a year on the book and finished it in one day.

But there was one part of the story that was a little bit hard to make work.

Twain thought he would tell it in a way that people would appreciate.

So he decided to put it on the back of a little coin, like a quarter.

And he said, “Well, how do I make this work better?”

Twain decided that his first book had to be about space travel, so he created a story in which he was in a spaceship, the “Spaceship Earth,” which was traveling across the galaxy and was headed for the stars.

The second part of his book was a story of his own spaceflight.

It was a journey from Earth to the moon, and he was trying to make the journey with a space telescope, which was just one of the things he was doing during that trip.

The third part of The Adventure was about his time on the moon.

And in the fourth part, he put a book on the front of the coins that were sitting on the floor in front of him.

He put the coin in the pocket of his suit jacket.

He started the coin by putting his hand on the tip of the coin.

He kept his hand there and then he started flipping the coin back and forth, and then the coin started rolling away.

The story is called The Adventure of Mark T. Twain.

Twain died in 1912 at age 75.

The fact that his story is one of humanity’s greatest stories and his book is the best seller in history makes his work so important, especially when you think about what he went through.

The space program in general and the space program for astronauts like Mark T., it was his mission to go back and tell his story.

“The astronauts did all the hard work,” Twain said.

“They did all of the hard stuff.”

Mark Twain was born on June 23, 1869, in Chicago.

His father was a dairy farmer.

“My father was always a farmer, and I guess he always loved cows,” Twain told Smithsonian.

“He was the best farmer in the world.”

Twain’s mother was a homemaker who loved animals.

Twain’s parents divorced when he was two years old.

Twain attended public schools, but his mother was determined to send her son to college, which she did.

“I did my part and went to college.

And then my father got married and I went to a boarding school

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