How a cartoonist was killed by a robot

Illustrator software is getting a makeover, and it’s the perfect tool for creating cartoon illustrations.

Illustrator’s latest update to its free Photoshop suite includes a new “digital pencil” feature that automatically produces an artist-friendly cartoon.

The feature has already been tested in a handful of other illustrator apps, including Adobe Photoshop CC.

In an interview with The Verge, software engineer and illustrator Adam Riegel explained the new feature in a blog post, which was later picked up by other outlets.

Riegel said he’s using the software to create illustrations for his upcoming book on “how the future of cartooning will look.”

Riegel’s illustration in the post includes a scene where a robot eats a human.

The cartoonist said the robot looks like it’s been given a facial reconstruction, adding, “It looks like a robot with a beard.”

A caption on the post says the cartoonist hopes the new tool will help him better illustrate other types of digital work, like graphic design, which has a history of being difficult for artists to create.

Rinker’s post also explains how to use the new digital pencil feature to make a new cartoon illustration.

To use the digital pencil, click on the pencil icon next to the pencil cursor.

To create an illustration, click the pencil on the drawing you want to make, then drag the drawing’s canvas to the canvas, and then tap the pencil.

To move the pencil, hold down the mouse button for a few seconds and drag it from the top of the drawing to the bottom.

You can then delete the drawing from the drawing by dragging it to the top or bottom of the canvas.

The drawing will disappear.

Rinks said the new software is the latest in a series of updates for illustrator software in recent years, including an update for the free Photoshop CS6 to support “an entirely new type of drawing engine called ‘Articulate’ that uses more powerful algorithms to create beautiful artworks.”