Illustration: Beatrix Potter on her love of art and design

Illustration, art, and design is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia.

It is one that has exploded in the past decade.

The trend for digital art is evident in the range of works being produced, from the quirky, whimsical to the visually striking.

“I think there are people in Australia who are getting really passionate about digital art,” said Beatrix Potter, an illustrator and digital artist based in Melbourne.

Potter has created many works in her career that capture the essence of her love for art and art design.

I think it’s something that people are very passionate about and the amount of creative freedom and the way that you can get the images to fit whatever you want to the canvas is a really big thing,” she said.

Her illustrations have also been used in the films she has worked on, such as Fantastic Four and Ant-Man.

She also works on digital illustrations for the likes of Warner Bros., Disney, and Dreamworks.

When she was young, her mother encouraged her to pursue art and the internet. “

[My father] used to have a small painting studio in the family, and I would always go there and hang out with the family and just paint, paint, and paint,” she explained.

When she was young, her mother encouraged her to pursue art and the internet.

“It really taught me to think of art as a medium for the people who are watching and being inspired by it, rather than just the creators themselves,” she added.

In her spare time, Potter is involved in a series of online exhibitions at the Melbourne Museum of Contemporary Art and works with her partner in the creative department of a leading Melbourne arts company.

“I really enjoy collaborating with artists from all different backgrounds and I love creating a sense of community and sharing my love of drawing and my passion for art,” she stated.

According to Potter, the Australian art market has increased by more than 70 per cent since the mid-2000s.

“It’s become quite popular with artists of all ages, and really is growing in popularity,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

The Australian economy has also seen a surge in digital employment.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 2.7 million people working in the digital industry in Australia in 2017.

Digital artists are also growing in number.

According to the latest estimates from the Australian Institute of Management, the number of digital artists in Australia increased from 2,973 in 2013 to 4,099 in 2018.

For Potter, it is the “digital art of today” that has driven her passion.

“In terms of my work, I’m trying to use all the technology I have,” she continued.

You could say I’m just really into the digital arts.

I’m always exploring new things.

“The artist said she hopes that her work will inspire people to look into the future.”

Digital art is not a new thing, it’s just the technology that’s taking over the world,” she pointed out.

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