Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch date delayed as China bans imports

The Apple Inc. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch are delayed by China’s ban on imported smartphones, the company announced today.

The announcement comes as Apple is preparing to release its newest iPhone in China, a market that is still grappling with the fallout from a massive earthquake and a flood that shut down the country’s largest financial hub, Shanghai.

China’s crackdown on imports came after Apple announced in January that it was halting shipments to customers in the country for one week.

Apple has been trying to sell more iPhones in China in recent weeks, as it has struggled to attract customers and compete in a market where prices have fallen by more than 30% over the past year.

Apple, which announced last month that it would suspend sales to China, said today that it had temporarily stopped shipments to China in response to the ban.

The company said it was planning to resume shipments on Thursday.

The ban, which went into effect on Jan. 6, affected imports from January 1 through March 31.