‘Mammal is a new species’ – lion illustration

A lion illustration magazine has published an illustration of a newly discovered new species of mammal.

The Lion & Bear, published by Lion &amps; Bear Art, describes the new species as a “new species of herbivore” with an “alluring” feature that can be used for “manipulating and displaying”.

“It’s a great example of what we are learning about conservation, the importance of using animal populations to help save wild species,” said David Henshaw, Lion &amping; Bear’s chief executive.

“I’m delighted to see this illustration be part of the Lion < Bear brand, one that celebrates animal diversity and provides an inspiring and exciting way for us to share our passion for wildlife.”

Henshaw added: “The Lion& Bears art team have been working tirelessly for the past five years to produce this amazing illustration and to help inspire a global community to take action to conserve species.”

Lion &amp: Bear, the second volume in the Lion<Bear Art series, has been named as one of the “world’s most influential” by the Associated Press.

Henshaws work includes a number of lion and bear-themed works, including an illustrated lion illustration of the lion’s cubs that were killed by poachers in Zimbabwe.

“We’ve been working with conservationists and wildlife managers around the world for the last five years in a bid to bring this artwork to life,” he said.

“The lion and bears artwork is a beautiful example of the great work we’re doing and I’m proud of the work that’s been put in to get it published.”

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