“How to be a freelance illustrator”

The freelance industry is booming in the US.

The number of freelance writers in the country has risen by 10% to 1.5 million over the last year, with nearly $4.5 billion of that coming from freelance services like freelancers, designers, and artists.

But, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, a new breed of freelancers are using technology to help them do their jobs.

The report, entitled How to be an Illustrator in America, highlights the rise of digital freelance services that let artists write and illustrate content for other freelancers to publish on their own sites.

The new wave of freelance workers are creating their own content with a single device, and then sharing that content on social media.

For example, a woman in California named Lauren Odom created a new website with the hashtag #strawberriesandwitches, which has been gaining traction online.

She posted her illustration of the witch’s face on her personal blog, and drew the image on a white board and a black board, with a red pen in each hand.

She uses the hashtag to encourage other creatives to join her website.

“You don’t have to have a studio, you don’t even need to have the time to set up an account,” Odom said.

“This is a free platform where I can create my own work and make money.”

Odom says she has sold more than 300,000 books, and she is working to build a book collection of her own.

But she doesn’t have the resources to start a publisher.

“I’m not a big fan of the whole publishing thing,” she said.

Rather, she’s creating her own books, as she describes it.

“My hope is that people who want to have this kind of creative freedom will be able to do it, but if I’m going to do that, I need to be able and willing to pay for the time that it takes to do my work,” she told Ars.

For many artists, being a freelance writer has meant that they’ve had to make compromises with their publishing companies.

The problem is that these new freelancers can publish directly with their own website and get paid by publishers that will not charge artists like them.

“When I was a freelancer, I had to pay my own publishing company $50,000 a year just to make the cover of my books,” O Dom said.

For the most part, Odom has used her site as a way to connect with other artists who are using digital tools to create content for her site.

For instance, she has shared a link on Twitter to an article on her blog, where a number of artists have taken to sharing their illustrations on the social media platform.

Odom also encourages other creatics to take the same approach, sharing their artwork on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

“The more people that share your work on social, the more opportunities there will be to find more artists,” she says.

And because many artists are still relying on the traditional publishing process, she says, “There is a lot of anxiety out there right now about people who are still trying to make a living from their work, even if they don’t own a publishing company.”

The digital freelance industry, she adds, has the potential to change the way people make their living.

“If I can make a lot more money by working directly with artists and having them share their work with the world and get compensated for it, that is going to change everything about the way artists make money,” she added.

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