How to earn $100,000 a year as an illustrator in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is relatively high.

The median household income in Australia in 2018 was $86,400, while the median income of a worker earning minimum wage is $22,700.

The minimum wage in Australia currently stands at $18.55 per hour, which equates to $17.40 an hour for a full-time worker.

If you want to earn more than that, you will need to work at a more demanding job.

The best way to earn a decent salary in Australia, according to a new survey from the freelance agency AFR, is to work in a large business or a small business.

AFR estimates that the average freelance writer earns $8600 to $9600 a year, depending on the type of work and whether it is graphic or illustration.

The report also notes that there is a lot of demand for illustrators in Australia.

According to AFR’s survey, the median pay for an illustrative job is $9400, which translates to a median annual salary of $93,000.

For those who are freelancing, this figure is even higher, with the median salary in 2018 being $101,600.

You can earn as much as $100K as an illustration artist, according the AFR survey, and a good illustration job can provide you with a great lifestyle.

But there are some drawbacks to freelancing.

In the short term, the pay is low, which means you have to take time off from your job to devote to your illustration work.

There is also a lot to consider when you decide to start freelancing: the job market is not as good as it was, the hours you put in are not the best, and there are sometimes restrictions on your hours.

The good news is that you can get the best out of your time by starting your freelance career early.

You’ll need to get some experience and learn the craft of illustration before you can even consider freelancing full-Time.