How to Write an American Cartoonist

A cartoonist in California was just fired from his job because of his cartoon “Papa Smurf,” a racist caricature of a black man.

A man in the news blog Vox explained that cartoonist Greg Land has been fired because his work portrays a stereotypical depiction of black people, including the idea that black people are inherently violent.

The cartoonist, who has been with the site since 2009, created the “Pamela and Pops” character in 2014.

Land was upset because the character’s black character “has a gun,” and he also said he felt he was the victim of racial slurs.

“This is a person who has spent time at a community center, and who has done some work that has been critical of the community,” Land said in a statement to Vox.

“To me, this is a cartoon of a cartoonist who has shown me that he is incapable of being critical of his own work and to have the same reaction when I depict someone of another race is deeply disappointing.

I am not a racist, and I do not have a gun, but I will never, ever use that character in any work again.”

He added that he felt like he had been “punished” for drawing the character, but that he was “taken to task for my criticism.”

The “Pampas” cartoon was widely criticized for its depiction of a stereotypical black man, but it was praised for the way it depicted African Americans.

“It’s a very black and very dark and very violent cartoon that depicts a caricature of black men, so it’s a good cartoon,” said Vox contributor David Frum.

“But there’s something much deeper at work here.”

The site’s creator wrote in a blog post that the cartoon “does not represent the way I personally see myself, and it also does not reflect the views of most people who read it.”

The website said Land was fired because the depiction of “Papas” was “deeply offensive to many of the people I have known and worked with.”

It said he had written about the cartooning industry and his work on “Pizza Time” for Vox and other news outlets.

Land said he is “deepenedly upset” by the firing and that he plans to sue Vox for defamation.

“I want to be able to say, ‘Thank you for having me on your show,'” he said.

Land’s work has included “P.A.S.T.,” an animated character who looks like a cross between an Italian immigrant and a clown.

He told Vox he had hoped to continue working on his cartoons, but now said that he had stopped.

“There’s nothing to lose by taking this step,” he said, adding that he hoped to keep working on other cartoons.

The Vox article said Land had received threats and that “people have called him racist and anti-Semitic.”

The company’s founder, David Pogue, wrote on Twitter that “I’ve had to deal with some very disturbing, hateful, and hateful messages from some people.”

The article did not name Land or explain why he had received such threats.

The company also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Land had previously tweeted that Vox “should stop writing about black people and white people” and that Vox was “the only place where I’m not racist, because I’m white.”

The cartoon was originally published in 2013, and Land’s “Pamas” character was created as a joke.

He drew the character as a child who had a “fistful of candy.”

The character is also seen in an episode of the show “Blackish,” which was based on the real-life cartoon.

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