How to fix the round corners on your iPhone or iPad

How do you fix round corners?

I’ve been using my iPhone 6 Plus for two months and I can tell you, they’re not good.

They’re annoying.

I mean, they really are round.

In fact, the corner of the screen is always a little rounded, especially at the edges.

It’s a little weird and a little ugly.

I know, I’m a stubborn type, so I’ll do something about it.

Here are some ideas to fix it: Make your screen rounded, too.

If you want to avoid a round corner on your phone, you might want to make your device a little round.

If so, here’s how.

The iPhone 6+ has a rounded edge that protrudes from the top.

When the screen’s curved, it bends back a little bit, which creates a round area.

You can make your phone a little flat by bending the edge of the phone a bit more, or you can use a rounded, flat surface, such as an iPad or iPhone case.

When you make your iPhone look a little more round, the rounded area looks better on the screen.

(In addition to making your device more round by bending it back a bit, this is also a way to make it look smaller.)

If your screen is curved, you can bend the screen back a few degrees to make the curved edge look smaller.

It may look like it’s slightly rounded, but the rounded edge isn’t very sharp.

I find this a little annoying.

However, it’s not impossible.

I just prefer a little rounding to having the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus look slightly sharper than they do on other phones.

If your iPhone 6 has a notch that goes between the bottom of the display and the edge, make it a little smaller.

I have an iPhone 6, which has a tiny notch at the bottom that is very hard to reach.

If I tilt my phone to the right a little, it will be a little hard to find.

I found a way around this by just bending the phone slightly more, and this is just fine.

The other problem is that if you bend your phone too much, the notch will come out from the bottom, and it looks weird.

I prefer to bend the iPhone slightly less.

This is where curved corners come into play.

This will make the notch less noticeable, but it will make it more noticeable that it’s a notch.

I like to use my phone as a table, so my phone has a bit of a rounded top, and the notch is more noticeable.

If there is a notch, make sure the notch doesn’t appear on the sides of the device.

If the notch does show up, make the iPhone look more rounded by bending slightly more of the notch.

If this is a problem, you may want to consider using a rounded flat surface such as a case or the back of the case.

Here’s an iPhone case with rounded edges, a rounded case with flat edges, and a flat flat case with a rounded front.

The rounded edges are just a little less sharp, and there’s also less of a “dip” to the sides.

If rounded corners are a problem on your device, make a rounded rounded case.

This one looks pretty nice.

It has rounded corners on the back, which makes it look nice and round.

This case will also help prevent rounded corners from appearing on the iPhone.

This curved back case has rounded edges.

This isn’t the most beautiful thing on my phone, but I like how it looks.

The curved back and rounded sides will make your phones look a lot more rounded.

This flat flat screen case has a flat, flat front.

It looks nice.

However the rounded corners appear on this flat flat flat display.

I really like the curved sides of this flat display, so you can’t tell what’s curved on the front or what’s not.

You could make the display a little smoother and give it a bit less curve by making it a flat surface.

If it looks a little sharp on the flat flat front, that’s not a bad thing.

If a flat curved screen is a bit too sharp, there’s a good chance it’s the rounded corner.

This iPhone case has been a great way to fix rounded corners.

If that’s the case, here are some more suggestions.

Use a rounded curved surface to make a phone look a bit smaller.

You want your phone to be round, so make it smooth and round, with rounded corners around the edges that look a few more sharp.

You may want the corners of the sides and the rounded parts of the front be a bit sharper, too, so that you can see the notch that is hidden behind the rounded part.

Use the rounded curved corners to make this iPhone look like a flat case.

If these corners are just too sharp to see, the corners might be a good choice.

If they’re a little sharper than a