What you need to know about the next generation of smart phones

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, people are more likely to rely on apps and services to stay connected, stay informed and manage their finances.

But how do they know which ones to use?

That’s where an illustrator with a keen eye for the future comes in.

Kamal Shahani, the creator of the highly-anticipated illustrator app Zoya, says it’s important to understand that there’s a vast array of content and experiences out there, and that it will evolve with the times.

“It’s important that we don’t just talk about what’s new and popular, but what’s actually going on and what’s interesting and relevant,” Shahani says.

For example, the app features a series of curated content to help users make sense of the latest news and trends, and it has a number of other features, including a section called “the next generation.”

“We’re focusing on the most interesting, interesting, innovative and powerful ideas from the future,” Shahini says.

“We want to help you understand what’s coming and what you should be thinking about and taking advantage of.”

For Zoya users, the next-generation offers more options, including the ability to make your own images and create your own content, as well as access to a growing library of illustrations.

The app will also allow users to create a portfolio of works and share them with others.

“I think the next version of Zoya is going to be the best thing in the app,” Shahin says.

“It’s going to offer more content and more customization.”

Shahani says the next update will include more than just new and improved features, such as a new search feature, which will let users search for art and other images to create, as opposed to having to open a webpage.

“There will be new search options in the future to allow people to search for something they’ve created in Zoya,” Shahino says.

While the next release will be a more stable version than the previous version, it will also include some major updates to the app.

For instance, the new “The Big Picture” mode will allow users the ability for the app to show an overview of the contents of their phone, including their phone’s storage and memory.

That will allow you to make quick comparisons between images and apps.

“That’s going the direction that people are wanting and looking for the most,” Shahinian says.

Shahinian says the latest version will include a lot of new features, but he doesn’t expect that it’ll be ready for launch anytime soon.

He believes it will be available by the end of the year.

“The main thing is that we’re still trying to figure out what the next big thing is going on,” Shahinis says.