How the Huskers used Halloween illustrations to highlight their brand

HUSKERS’ HUSKS OF THE HILL, Ohio — The Ohio State University’s Huskies of the Hill team are using their Halloween-themed costumes to highlight the school’s brand.

The Huskies are wearing their signature helmets, hats, gloves and scarves on Halloween and are using a variety of different illustrations to showcase their brand.

Ohio State has been using the Halloween costume in various ways since it was first used in 2012, including wearing them in a new “Halloween” video and using them in an interactive exhibit.

The team has been doing it in other ways since, as well.

The Huskies were the first to wear their Halloween costumes on the football field in 2017.

The team has also used the Halloween theme to create a number of other promotional materials, including a video game and a Halloween-inspired clothing line.

The Ohio State team has said it uses the Halloween costumes in the Halloween video to highlight “the many facets of our university, as it relates to the diverse diversity of our campus and the Ohio State community.”