Huskers’ Joe Dahl ‘proud’ to receive the ‘Clipping Mask’ award

Joe Dahl, the Huskers head coach and the first African-American coach to coach in the Big Ten, is the recipient of the Clipping Mask award from the American Football Coaches Association, which recognizes outstanding college football coaching achievements.

The award, presented annually by the league, was presented in January.

Dahl was honored with the award at a news conference Wednesday at Husky Stadium.

The Clipping Masks, as they are known, honor an individual who has made significant contributions to the football program by contributing to the culture of the institution.

The honor, given to the most outstanding coach in college football, honors those coaches who have played a pivotal role in transforming the Huskies into one of the best programs in college sports.

“Joe Dahl is an extraordinary coach who embodies everything that we are about as a football program,” said Al Grier, the Big East president and commissioner.

“He has been an outstanding head coach, a tremendous leader, a very good communicator and a great leader of his team.

He has been a leader in a lot of different ways in our program, including on and off the field.

He is a tremendous coach and great leader. “

It is an honor for the program to be associated with Joe.

He is a tremendous coach and great leader.

He will continue to be a great coach.”

Joe Dahl was selected to his first conference championship as a head coach in 2011, but he has never been crowned the national champion, despite having led the Husky program to six conference titles.

Since then, he has led the program four times.

“We are proud to be selected as the first of its kind in college athletics,” said Husky Head Football Coach Tom Osborne.

We will continue our work in our quest to win the conference championship. “

Our team has worked so hard in recent years and we feel very fortunate to have a coach like Joe as our head coach.

We will continue our work in our quest to win the conference championship.

I have been blessed to be with Joe Dahl for over 15 years, and I know how much he loves the Husker program and the Huskies fans.”

The Clips have won four Big Ten titles.

“I am extremely honored and proud to receive this award,” said Joe Dahl.

“Being a Husker, I have a lot to be proud of, and my team has played an outstanding role in helping us achieve our goals and achieve success on the field.”

The Huskers are ranked No. 1 in the nation and No. 8 in the Associated Press poll.

The program is currently ranked No, 4, after the first-ever win over Northwestern on Oct. 8.

“Congratulations to the Husking football team on winning the Big 10 Championship,” said Bob DeFazio, president and CEO of the Big 12 Conference.

“With the conference’s top football programs, the program has produced some outstanding coaches.

I am proud of the Huskins’ efforts, and this award will go a long way toward supporting their efforts to reach the Big 8 championship.

The Huskies have consistently delivered on their commitments to the fans and our players, and we are thrilled to be included on the Clips honor.”

The first-year Huskies were ranked No., 22, and the team has won its last four games.

They were No. 12 last season.

The conference has a record of 29-15 overall and 8-6 in the Pac-12 Conference.

The Cougars are ranked Nos.

5 and No., 14.

The Aggies are No. 2 and No, 17.

The team’s schedule is comprised of 11 conference games.

The first game of the season will be a home game against Stanford on Sept. 15.

The game will be televised nationally by CBS Sports Network.

The football season will end on Dec. 5.