Illustrator’s Round Corner Brush Collection: The Final Four

The final four of the series will be drawn by one of the artists featured on this gallery.

The final 4 will be the artist who has the best illustration in the Final Four.

The artists chosen for the final four will be announced on February 12, 2018, during the inaugural “Illustrators Round Corner” celebration.

The art will be displayed on a rotating basis. 

“The Final Four,” a new exhibition by illustrator Jann Seifert, will be exhibited in San Francisco from Feb. 6-11.

Its first exhibit will be at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on February 6 and it will continue on to the Museum of Contemporary Art on Feb. 12. 

The exhibition is a collaboration between the San Diego Art Museum and the American Illustration Association, with contributions from artists and illustrators from around the world.

The panelists for the exhibition are Nana Nishikori, Katsuhiro Otomo, Dieter Schwarz, Tatyana Paskova, Nanette Apte, Shawn Robbins, Yoko Ota, and Yuta Nagano.

The panelists are represented on the cover of the exhibition.

The final four artists will be revealed in a special panel session hosted by San Francisco Comic-Con on Feb 13.

The presentation will be livestreamed.

Illustration will be on display in a rotating selection of three paintings and drawings.