Google AdWords: Adwords for Kids

By Steve R. JohnsonPublished Nov 02, 2016 11:55:08Google has added a new way to monetize its ads: the Google Adwords app for kids.

The app is a simple, easy-to-use interface that gives kids a new avenue to monetizing their ads.

Google’s new product, the Adwords Kids app, adds new ways for parents to monetise their kids’ search.

The app allows kids to upload videos and photos to YouTube, which allows the ads to be placed there.

The kids’ ad can then be placed on a sponsored Google product, such as a shirt or app, which can then link back to the parent.

It is not yet clear how Google will monetize this new method.

Google said that the new product is still a work in progress, and the app is still in beta, so there is still room for improvement.

It will be up to advertisers to implement the new method, but Google said it was working on it.

For parents, the new way is a big change.

Parents may have noticed that their kids have started to search for videos on YouTube a little less frequently, which has led to more parents choosing to restrict their children’s search to video content.

Advertisers are going to need to make sure that their ads are positioned correctly to work well with the new kids-centric interface, but the apps interface can be simplified and streamlined to allow for easier navigation, too.

The Google Adword Kids app can be downloaded for free for kids, or you can purchase a full version for $2.99, or $3.99 for families.

It includes a widget that shows the kids’ YouTube videos, and a search bar that allows parents to search by keywords, search phrase, or search location.

Parents can also make sure their ads get shown on their childrens’ search pages and on their YouTube channel.

It’s a small but important step in making it easier for parents and their kids to search on YouTube.

The kids-focused interface was originally developed by Google for advertisers.

Now, Google has built the interface for children, too, so it can focus on making sure that parents and kids are having fun while searching for content.

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