Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have a common enemy: the ‘bad guys’

The 2016 election has proven once again that Hillary Clinton has a unique ability to tap into the passions and anxieties of her supporters.

But she has a problem that’s even worse than her opponent’s.

The problem is the “bad guys,” who, in a way, are herself.

“It’s been a pretty bad year for the Democratic Party, which has been in a state of disarray,” said Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., a Clinton supporter.

It’s not even just the GOP. “

And that’s not just the Republicans.

It is a problem within the Republican Party, too.””

This is not just a problem for Democrats.

It is a problem within the Republican Party, too.”

The party’s primary season was marred by a series of bad weeks for Republicans, including a humiliating loss to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the Iowa caucuses and the election of Trump as the GOP’s nominee.

That election saw Trump’s supporters rally behind him in droves, even as Clinton and Sanders rallied behind their opponents, even though both were leading in the polls.

In the past, when the Republicans have lost the presidency, Democrats have rallied behind them and rallied around them.

But the current cycle is different.

In the 2016 election, the Democrats were forced to fight to stay relevant in a general election, while Trump’s insurgent campaign had no clear path to the nomination.

In other words, the Republicans were the real victims of the Democratic party’s dysfunction.

“The problem that we’re having right now is not because of Donald Trump,” said former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss.

Sarbanes said he thinks the Democratic establishment will have to come to terms with this problem. “

In the last three months alone, I think we’ve seen some of the worst of this.”

Sarbanes said he thinks the Democratic establishment will have to come to terms with this problem.

As the primary season continues, Sarbanese said, the party is facing its most serious crisis in years. “

That’s what makes this election so special.”

As the primary season continues, Sarbanese said, the party is facing its most serious crisis in years.

The party has had a rough ride since the 2016 presidential election, when it was split and split again.

It lost the House of Representatives in November, and lost control of the Senate in December.

But it still holds a majority in both chambers of Congress, and the party has continued to win governorships, statehouses and statehouses statewide.

Clinton has been the party’s presumptive nominee since the first of the primary elections in June 2016.

But Sarbanis said Clinton is not the problem.

“I think it’s Hillary Clinton who’s the problem,” he said.

The Democratic nominee, she’s not.””

So, you know, the Republican nominee is a different beast.

The Democratic nominee, she’s not.”

But Sarbaness said that Clinton has also been a divisive figure in recent years.

“It’s a very, very difficult time for the Democrats in general, because of the president Donald Trump, because it’s very hard for Democrats to connect with people who voted for Donald Trump.”

The Democratic Party is a complex entity, Sarbenes said.

There are millions of voters, but there are also people who vote in the Democratic primaries, but who don’t necessarily support the Democratic candidate in the general election.

The party has been divided, Sarbines said, because the party wants to win the presidency.

But in the meantime, it’s hard to win elections.

“There’s an enormous amount of anger,” Sarbanesse said.

“If the Democrats don’t start working together, they’re going to have to get even worse,” Sarbeness added.

“If they don’t get a unified party, they won’t be able to do much.”

We are going to go to a new level,” he warned.

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