Why does it cost $8 million to put on a Winnipeg concert?

Winnipeg concert promoters are hoping the province’s new law on concert promotion will help reduce ticket prices.

The province says a $8-million contribution to concert promoters will help pay for the construction of new venues, including new venues in the downtown core and in the south end of the city.

“It’s an opportunity for the industry to put their foot down on the table and to negotiate with the city on things that are important to them, and to make sure they’re treated fairly and that we’re doing everything we can to get there,” said Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz.

The law comes into effect on Jan. 1.

Katz says he has not received any money from the concert promoters.

“I’m hoping it will be a great opportunity for us to come to an agreement and get the job done and to get the event moving forward,” he said.

Katz said he wants to see more concerts and concerts being held in the city and wants to have more of them, too.

“The way the concert business is going, the only way to grow is to be a more diverse event, so if we can create a bigger event that attracts a broader audience and more people to come out and enjoy the music and see the city in a more vibrant way, I think that’s a great thing,” he added.

The city of Winnipeg has put together a number of other events to attract a broader population to the city including a concert by a Winnipeg band.

The concert promoters plan to make another one in 2018, but they are waiting for the provincial government to provide a budget.