How to make a cook’s illustration from a comic book

A cooking book is a great source for ideas for cooking and it also provides a lot of opportunity to draw your own illustration, according to Wolf illustrator John Aiken.

John Aiken has created a series of illustrated cook’s illustrations that can be used to help you make delicious meals.

The books, from his own cookbook, The Perfect Storm, are available for purchase on Amazon and other booksellers.

Read more: Aiken says his inspiration for The Perfect Condition came from a photograph of a man eating a meaty steak and a chicken.

He says he used that photograph to illustrate a recipe for chicken, but also added a bit of humour, a bit more detail, and a bit less of a crunch.

“When I saw that photograph I thought, ‘that’s the picture I want to do it in’, so I just put in a few things I’ve done over the years and got on with it,” he says.

“The book is actually full of images from my own cookbooks.

I just thought I’d add to it.”Read more