How to be a bad man without getting in trouble

When a group of students started a chant during a school dance, they found themselves in the middle of a controversy.

The students, who were students at a small public high school in a suburban area of Detroit, were chanting, “If you’re white, you’re in trouble” when they heard the words.

The chant was later taken down after police intervened and a video of the incident was posted to YouTube.

But the chant itself remains on the school’s official website.

On Wednesday, the school board announced that the chant will be permanently removed.

The school is not using the chant on its social media accounts, but the district has posted the video of its interaction with the students on YouTube.

The school board said the district is looking into the incident and that it would be contacting the students’ families and contacting the school district to discuss possible legal action.

“While the students involved are innocent of any wrongdoing, we must make the appropriate action to remove the chant from the site and prevent it from re-emerging in the future,” the district said in a statement.

In the video, students from the public high schools’ dance group, “Rise Above,” chant, “We are the white community!,” while the teacher yells, “No matter how you look, you are not in trouble!”

The school district did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.