Dragon image of man and dragon illustration book to hit India and UK edition

An illustration book of a man and a dragon is expected to be published in India and the UK, the first time the iconic creatures have been depicted in print.

The cover of the book is a composite of images from the film “Dragon Warrior” and the animated film “Battlestar Galactica”.

The book, to be released in India on September 10, is being marketed by the publisher, Dark Horse Books India, and features a dragon and a human figure with human faces.

A promotional poster for the book says the images were taken by “Dragon Knight” himself, the hero of the film, which stars Tom Holland as a space cadet named “Dragon”.

The dragon image is a tribute to the character, the poster said.

The dragon is a very famous creature in Indian mythology and its image is the emblem of India and India’s national flag, which also has a dragon in it.

Indian media have also reported that the cover of Dragon Warrior 2 is being considered for release in the country.

A new Dragon Warrior movie is being made in India.