‘The Great Depression’ was a huge success story for Illustrator, says illustrator John Cairns

Illustrator John, whose credits include The Great Depression and the original Star Wars, was a big hit in the 1980s with the hit series The Great Game, which brought the iconic cartoon characters to life.

He’s now a regular contributor to the Guardian and the BBC, and his latest work, called The Great Recession, is now a series of illustrations for Illustration World, which features cartoons from around the world.

John has just published his first book, The Great Economy: The Great Crash of 1929, a book which includes the original illustrations for The Great Deformation, the Great Recession and The Great Dictatorship.

Illustrator and former Illustrator of the Year John Cairsons latest book The Great Collapse was published in July.

It’s a compilation of illustrations that are used to illustrate the various stages of the economic meltdown.

The first one shows the collapse of 1929.

This shows the massive impact of the Great Depression on the world economy, and shows the aftermath of that.

The second shows the shock waves that followed, and the devastating effects of the financial crisis that followed.

Illustrators favourite scenes of the 1930s: the Great Collapsed Bank, the collapse and the ensuing Great Depression, the crash of 1929 and the Great Game.

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