‘Mammal is a new species’ – lion illustration

A lion illustration magazine has published an illustration of a newly discovered new species of mammal.The Lion & Bear, published by Lion &amps; Bear Art, describes the new species as a “new species of herbivore” with an “alluring” feature that can be used for “manipulating and displaying”.“It’s a great example of what we are learning […]

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A baby illustration for tarheel illustrations

The baby illustration is a bit too much, so here’s a little Tarheel illustration that I made with a new toy called a “Taser”.You can see the tutorial here: https://medium.com/@lisa_kruse/baby-art-taser-baby-an-anime-artists-in-the-tutorial-of-babies-3f5fbd3a2a1e#.qc2p5d2z6I’ve included a link to the Tarheels site, where you can see how they’re all doing the artwork.It’s just one of many illustrations by Tarheeling, who […]

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How to spot the new ‘Twilight’ cover

By BBC Sport’s Harry Walker.The cover for ‘Twiddle: The Return’ by the New York Times is pretty much the same as the previous cover.It shows a beautiful black and white bird with a bright yellow head and tail and wings, with a little pink bird with orange hair and a blue nose.And it has the […]

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Why do we need Christmas illustrations?

Illustrations can be a powerful way to draw attention to an issue or to encourage people to take action.But can they also be a distraction?The CBC’s Christmas illustration team is examining the question and we’re sharing some of our findings with you.This story first appeared on CBC News Network’s The Early Edition.

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How to Design Your Own Sexy Cake Illustration from a Remote Sketchbook

As you may know, you can use your computer to create a sexy cake illustration on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.It’s really easy to create an erotic drawing in Sketch, but there’s a lot of time to get it right.So how do you get the right level of detail?I’ve created a list of some […]

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Which Disney cartoon are your favorites?

By now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time to watch all of the animated Disney movies!That’s not fair!”But, we’re here to make that easier for you.The best Disney cartoons are animated in the style of their respective animated movies.We’re going to give you an in-depth breakdown of what the best Disney cartoon is.

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